We provide flexible training options for organizations that might want to meet off-site. Whether you’re looking for training for your 20 Group, a workshop in a location other than your dealership, or to hit the beach for our Bootcamp at the Beach program, we have a number of options to help suit the needs of your team.

20 Group Speakers and Trainers for the Automotive Dealership Business

20 Groups

Looking for a speaker for your next 20 group meeting? We’re happy to custom-tailor any of our courses or develop a curriculum on a topic of your choosing.

Off Site Workshops for Automotive Dealerships

Off-Site Workshops

For dealer groups or dealerships who would like to do training off-site, we can conduct our courses at an off-site location.

Bootcamp at the Beach - Gary Tilkin Workshop

Bootcamp at the Beach

Hosted in Miramar Beach, Florida, our Bootcamp at the Beach program is designed for new automotive sales associates or for experienced sales professionals who need a refresher course to reinforce foundational topics. In today’s market, it’s not only critical to have a well-prepared sales team, it’s crucial that they have the skills, knowledge and training to meet and exceed the challenges of today’s competitive retail market.

This course will help your sales professionals create a vision, direction, and expectation to get the sale. Our goal during this course is to guide them through the “why” behind the sales process and how to make it customer-centric. We’ll also provide your sales professional with a set of tools to build a relationship with their clients and personally market themselves to create a steady stream of business.

Course Schedule

  • Foundations
  • Professional Meeting and Greeting
  • Overview of the Sales Process
  • Professional Counseling
  • Professional Product Presentation and Demonstration
  • The Art of Professional Negotiation
  • The Art of Professional Negotiation, Part II
  • The Art of Personal Marking

This course can also be tailored to a single-day course to reinforce specific topic areas.

Course Includes

  • All course materials, including the full course “Playbook”
  • 6-month access membership to the online “Playbook” virtual trainer
  • Ongoing support
  • Access to online video sales training tips
  • Lunch Daily