Every course in our catalog is designed to mold you into a Professional for Life. Whether you’re looking for automotive sales training or advanced management techniques, every course in our curriculum is built around improving your business goals.

Automotive Sales Training

Professional for Life Sales Training

A foundational course designed to create a vision, direction, and expectation to get the sale. Our goal during this automotive sales training course is to guide sales professionals through the “why” behind the sales process and how to make it customer-centered. We’ll also provide your sales professional with a set of tools to build a relationship with their clients and personally market themselves to create a steady stream of business.

Sales Management Training

Sales Management Mastery

This course has two important outcomes for your management team. First, to create a foundation for clearly communicating with their staff in terms of delegation, acting, reacting, and developing strategic plans. Second, harnessing their training skills to help raise their staff’s confidence and execute your organization’s objectives.

Training Facilitation Training

Training Facilitation

Take the learning experience to a higher level with our training facilitation course. The overarching goal of this course is to teach skill sets to future facilitators to enable their participants to more effectively internalize the curriculum being presented. By giving your audience confidence in the curriculum they’re learning, connecting with them, reducing distractions, and using guided discovery, you can help them improve their skill sets and harness the skills required to be a great facilitator.

Automotive Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing

Your online presence is the virtual “front line” of your dealership. In this course, you’ll learn how to evaluate your dealership’s online presence in terms of usability, functionality, merchandising, content, and lead generating capabilities. You’ll also learn how to get your entire organization focused on creating a great online experience for your clients and how to form a digital marketing strategy based on your organization’s goals and objectives.

Strategic Planning Training for the Automotive Dealership Business

Strategic Planning

The best organizations know they need to be driven by a strategic plan that drives them towards improvement. In this course, you will learn how to develop a strategic plan in order to have a strong playbook for meeting your goals. By outlining steps and who in your organization is responsible for completing them, you’ll have an organized approach towards improvement and hitting your objectives.

Fixed Operations and Service & Parts Training

Fixed Operations

To your clients, your service consultants are the face of your business. Our fixed operations training delivers easy-to-use communication strategies to uncover what each individual client’s buying motivations are, and to then deliver service recommendations in terms of how the benefits of each recommendation satisfy those buying motivations. Combining not only communication and selling-skills, this course also delivers organization and time management best practices to ensure your team has the necessary time available to deliver the same customer-centric experience that drives customer satisfaction, retention, and sales.