If your organization is looking to find ways to improve, our automotive consulting team is here to help you uncover areas of opportunity. Maybe you want a review of your entire operation, or maybe you would like a review of your digital marketing or fixed operations. Or perhaps you’re looking for an extra hand to put together your strategic plan to reach your objectives. No matter what area you’re looking to improve upon, our team can help.

Automotive Consulting Offerings:

Strategic Planning Consulting and Training for the Automotive Dealership Business

Strategic Planning

Retail businesses tend to react to the market. The best of the best organizations realize they need a deeper control of their outcomes and become driven by strategic planning. Our expert automotive consulting team can help your organization develop a strategic plan based on input from your management/associate team and your goals and objectives. After we define these goals and objectives we will engineer a strategic plan and playbook for your organization. This playbook will contain detailed steps and activities that your team will be accountable for completing. With an organized approach towards improvement, developing your playbook will give you a plan to follow, adjust, and constantly improve upon while working towards reaching your goals and objectives.

Digital Marketing Training and Consulting for the Automotive Dealership Business

Digital Marketing

Navigating the world of digital marketing can be challenging. We can help you analyze the performance of your current marketing efforts, budget, and strategy. This will include a review of your website in terms of functionality and usability, content, search engine optimization, and lead generation capability. We will also review your paid search campaigns, lead handling process, online reputation, social media presence, and vehicle merchandising. All of this will be done keeping key performance indicators and important metrics in mind along with your dealership goals and objectives. At the end of our review, we’ll provide recommendations and an improvement roadmap to get you better results from your digital marketing efforts.

Fixed Operations Dealership Consulting

Fixed Operations

Who is ‘running’ your fixed operations departments? Your managers? Your technicians? Your customers? Our fixed operations automotive consultants can get to the root of that question quickly. By benchmarking your service and parts department operational results, we identify where your opportunities in fixed operations are hiding.  Fluent in expanding capacity through advanced production techniques, service scheduling and dispatching strategies, and improving the business driving KPI’s in parts and service – our team brings custom-solutions to improving your fixed departments. Not sure where to start in improving your service and parts departments? — Start with a plan.  We can help you develop the right one.

Operational Reviews for Automotive Dealerships

Operational Reviews

If you’re looking to identify opportunities within your organization for growth and improvement, we offer full operational reviews. Market share, average grosses, pre-owned yields, inventory efficiency, advertising, expense structure, and return on sales are just the beginning of our extensive review of your business — and most importantly — its business outcomes. We interview your managers, your sales staff, and your service team. We mystery shop your sales channels and evaluate how your selling processes actually execute. From this review of metrics, people, and processes, our automotive consultants develop a unique roadmap for your dealership to unlock it’s potential. Knowing a plan is only as good as its follow-through. We’ll be there for continued follow-up and measurement against targets set, working with you and your team to implement positive change.

Develop Your Own Online University

Development of Your Own Online University

We will create your own online university by utilizing a state of the art learning management system (LMS). Together with your team, your customer culture, processes, and procedures will be captured.