Tip of the Day

"“Play hard” then “work hard” seems to be missing an emphasis on due diligence? #GaryTilkinQuotes"

"Help people with the understanding you might get disappointed. #GaryTilkinQuotes"

"Self-Discipline: Having things where they belong, makes me CALM. Making calculated decisions EXHILARATES me. Not being afraid of making a mistakes CHALLENGES me. #GaryTilkinQuotes"

"Motivation: The busier we are, the more creative and productive we become. #GaryTilkinQuotes"

"Motivation: WORK hard before you PLAY hard. When you play hard first, you lose some focus and desire to work hard. Playing should be a reward. #GaryTilkinQuotes"

"Motivation: If you almost completed a task, it is as if you never started it. The proof, it is still on your things to do list! #GaryTilkinQuotes"

"Reality Check: I own my own business because I want to control my own destiny. I can fail all by myself by making bad decision. I don’t need a bosses help to fail, thank you very much. #GaryTilkinQuotes"

"Self Discipline: Do what you dislike most, first. #GaryTilkinQuotes"

"Self Discipline: Do YOU attack your day OR does your day attack YOU? #GaryTilkinQuotes"

"Leadership is caring enough to insist on perfection. #GaryTilkinQuotes"