About Gary Tilkin

Gary Tilkin Consultants, Inc. was developed to meet very specific needs in the retail sales and management industry. Those needs were to provide proven performance improvement solutions that supported a non-confrontational, as well as, client-centered approach for sales, management, and executive development.

It seemed that most training companies focused on learning scripts instead of developing an understanding of what to say and do. Our founder, Gary Tilkin, realized immediately there must be a better way. Through 32 years of experience, Gary has developed performance improvement developing products that cover four general areas: 1) Sales Development Solutions 2) Management Development Solutions 3) Facilitation Skills Approaches and 4) Strategic Planning Technologies. All Techniques, ProTrack, Concepts, and Approaches have been successfully applied by Gary Tilkin and his team of world-class performance improvement associates.

Gary Tilkin Consultants Incorporated Cleveland OHThe real key to the success of our organization is that we will not accept an assignment or project we do not have a successful track record in improving. We will also turn down projects that force our entire company to work exclusively with one client. Our reasoning is simple, there are enough really large companies in the marketplace to handle those jobs. These companies hire and engage subcontractors with the express purpose of making a profit margin between what they hire a contractor for and what the client is willing to pay. Our company takes on projects with the realization that if we do not perform, we do not exist. In some cases we do work with contractors, but they are always client approved and engaged for their unique skill or knowledge sets. We believe that personal attention with GREAT communication is our path and future.

The objective of Gary Tilkin Consultants is to assist retail organizations in becoming consistently more “management driven” rather than “market driven” through the use of proven sales, management, strategic planning ,and facilitation approaches. A “management driven” approach allows for businesses to be successful in any market environment, rather than being susceptible to market cycles. Today’s economy and market is living proof.

To summarize, Gary Tilkin Consultants, Inc. is an organization that prides itself on providing high-end results quicker, more efficiently, and more economically for our customer base – hence our motto to “Always be a Professional for Life”.

About Gary Tilkin

IMG_9878Gary Tilkin is the CEO and founder of Gary Tilkin Consultants, Inc, an international performance improvement organization with a strong focus on customer-driven systems that provides on-site consultation, strategic planning, and customized curriculum development, as well as training and meeting facilitation for sales staff, management, finance and insurance agents, and corporate executives in the automotive industry.

After graduating from Concord University in 1979, with a double degree in marketing and management, Gary gained practical experience in the retail automobile industry working his way from sales to finance and insurance, and on to various management levels. Assisting others to develop their potential quickly became a keen interest and focus, leading to a position as a consultant and trainer for one of the country’s leading automotive training organizations. Gary took a giant leap of faith, and stepped out to establish his own company beginning in 1990, and has since had a wide variety of valuable experiences that make him a “Professional for Life.”

Some of Gary’s career highlights include:
  • Associate Director for one of the largest multi-dealer groups in the country
  • Manager of Facilitation for the University of Toyota, Lexus College, and Scion University corporate universities (a rare experience as a contract business partner)
  • One of the project leads in the installation of ISO 2001 process management system for the University of Toyota, School of Retail Professional Development (SRPD)
  • Vice President of Operations for 10-dealership group, focused on developing strategic planning, communication, and growth disciplines
  • Vast experience as a consultant and trainer, working with various manufacturers and retail clients in all aspects of performance improvement

Gary has been a highly-rated speaker at the National Automobile Dealers Association national conventions, and at various state automobile dealers conventions. He has appeared on A.S.T.N. (Automotive Satellite Television Network) demonstrating management, sales, prospecting, closing and leasing techniques.

Gary brings extensive knowledge of the automotive industry from the experiences accumulated during his 34-year career. A keen sense of humor provides excitement and fun to the participants in his workshops, while his proven track record in developing them to achieve performance levels beyond their expectations provides value to his clients.

Gary, his wife, and two children now live in Miramar Beach, Florida.